I met Sue and Jackie in my final year of dentistry when they helped organise the Welsh BACD study group and sponsored the event. Myself and some of my friends got chatting with them over lunch, had a bit of banter and a laugh and formed a bit of a bond. In 2018 I was still studying  in Cardiff so was more than happy to help with local knowledge and contacts as they were organising The Digital Discovery Conference for Wired Orthodontics which was held in Cardiff,  since then I have also attended a couple of their training courses.

They are so friendly and welcoming, I always therefore make the effort to catch up with the girls for a drink when they are in the Midlands where I’m based. I love the new identiti branding and ethos behind it and when I was offered the opportunity to be involved on a more formal level with the company I was delighted to accept.  

My first mission was to create an online clinical photography course. It’s an area I have been passionate about since before Uni and I wanted to share that enthusiasm with my colleagues, good records in the form of photographs is crucial to every part of dentistry now.  I perhaps got a bit carried away and we ended up cutting a lot of content from this first course as I didn’t want to over complicate things for beginners, however on the plus side we have more content for the next photography modules so delegates can build on equipment and techniques at their own pace. 

I am also somewhat honoured that an idea for a complete new course has been picked up, education has always been an important part of my life. For the moment I am sworn to secrecy about the new course as we build the content and lecturing team but I’m really excited about this development and hope to be able to share details with you soon. 

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