identiti Courses

Our courses are all designed with the aim of you being able to take your new skills and put them into practice but with the back-up of a dedicated team to support you as you build your skills and confidence as you progress through our accredited pathways.

Our fully accredited orthodontic training pathway into fixed orthodontics from beginners PG Award to Certificate and Diploma level allowing you to study at your own pace and to a level you are comfortable with. Our courses are EduQual level 7 accredited and are designed to be give you the most effective education to allow you to practice safely in general practice. Our Specialist lecturers are on hand to advise you through our online forum to guide you through treatments with your lab made orthodontic appliances.

Lingual Orthodontics add this niche treatment modality to your appliance options and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our 8 Day Complete Lingual course is suitable for those who have completed some simple cosmetic alignment with lingual appliances and who want to take the next steps into full case treatments.

To find out more about getting started in simple lingual orthodontics enquire here.