Digital Orthodontics

Digital technology is revolutionising all areas of dentistry and orthodontics is no exception. At Identiti we have invested in what we consider the market leader in orthodontic software and run 3shapes OrthoAnylyser.


Accepting Trios scans is automated within the software but can can also accept scans from al the other major scanners. We operate Connect for Carestream scans, are on the Align lab list for iTero scans can can also accept stl files from Primscan, Media and Emerald, just email the files to:

[email protected]

How can digital help me?

If you are unsure of how teeth are going to fit together, what you space requirements are, if you can treat non extraction with IPR or need to go down the extraction route then a digital treatment prediction can help you planning process. Sometimes even our specialists aren’t sure how things are going to work and we ofter do digital set ups for them as well.


A set up is a great communication tool for your patients, especially those who are unsure of how the space will resolve in extraction cases. We even include a video file so you can see how the teeth are going to move into heir new positions.

Can I use this as part of my bigger ortho/restorative treatment plans?

Absolutely, our lead technicians have experience in all areas of dental technology and can discuss your plans with you and/or your restorative tech. It’s usual for us to move the teeth to their desired positions and from here we can take measurements to assess space for restorations and implants. We can also send these files to you restorative lab so they can then plan the diagnostics and temporary restorations.

What else can technology help me with?

If you send us a scan as you think you are nearing the end of treatment we can superimpose it on and compare to the set up, invaluable especially if you are planning a restorative element.


As you get to the end of treatment, remove the arch wire and scan the mouth with the brackets in place. We can remove the brackets using the software and you can have the retainer back in surgery before you debond.


Our indirect labial brace product using crystal clear ICE brackets as standard. Select metal brackets for a cost effective solution or upgrade to Damon Q or Damon Clear self ligating brackets.


Our indirect lingual brace product which is a fully customised appliance with a series of individual arch wires specific to each case.

Digital Orthodontics


Send us your intra oral scans directly.  We use 3shape software and can accept scans directly from Communicate, Connect, iTero, Primscan, Medit and any other stl files. email: [email protected]

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